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A lot can happen in a conversation

Listentalk Chapter 7 Synopsis: Where to Listentalk in this World?

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A simple conversation can turn more powerful than we could ever imagine.

Waking to a potent exchange, we understand intrinsically that much more than words are passing. We also exchange something of our identity. Rejuvenating, reforming and re-establishing, the power of a conversation starts to look like a useful tool. Useful, if slightly unpredictable because we converse with people, never objects. And people can choose to listen. Or not.

How to use this conversation-tool intentionally in the world?

Some people courageously allow themselves to be pulled forward into widening circles of conversation, starting from their own dialogical communities: family and faith communities, work communities, learning communities, social communities. But the opportunity for engaging in conversation grows: search-capabilities alone open new doors for intimate connection across the globe. With this widening opportunity comes a strategic question: who do I engage with in this world of opportunity and how will social media help? This chapter suggests responsibilities surround and invite our engagement—there are certain places and situations where listentalk must proceed forward. One is where voices are silenced. Those nations, organizations and situations where dissent is crushed and people (of faith and otherwise) are jailed, tortured and murdered. Listentalk can hear the voice of the voiceless and amplify the cry of the helpless. In response to the God who gave us voices, we must speak. In education, where students are provided with knowledge, life-skills and trained to make a difference. Simple conversation is and must grow more into a concomitant discipline in philosophy, English, engineering, in business. Business is ripe and already beginning to flower with the fruit of listentalk (maybe it is as much generational as it is thoughtful strategy), but all disciplines benefit from intentional openness. Finally, the church is the people among who listentalk should flourish. The church with its focus on hearing from God’s word and from the conversations that have surrounded this hearing for centuries. The church with its epic mission. The people committed to formation must themselves form in a way that honors God’s pattern. And perhaps the community of faith has the most at stake with dialogue: the mission is nothing less than drawing others into response to and relationship with God, which the apostle Paul wrote about persuasively in 2 Corinthians 5.


Written by kirkistan

November 25, 2010 at 9:52 am

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