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11 Things to Remember when Walking Your Daughter Down this Long Aisle to Marry the Tall Gentleman at the Other End

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Tomorrow Tess and Nick Get Married.

Kris and I could not be happier. Still, it is a bit of a queasy threshold, not something I’ve crossed before. So—a few reminders to help me get through the ceremonies, rituals and (self-inflicted) awkward moments:

  1. Check your fly. It’s up. Right?
  2. Breathe.
  3. The world changed dramatically the week Tess was born. Maybe it was because the Berlin Wall came down. Maybe because Tess showed up. I think the latter. But let’s just stay in the moment, shall we?
  4. Step forward.
  5. And again.
  6. Forget the four pages of detailed notes about life. These two are jotting their own notes now.
  7. Did I check my fly?
  8. Don’t stop mid-stride—Tevye-like—to sing out all the options. Others have a hard time holding their pose while I do that.
  9. Remember that something much larger is at work here, right before my eyes.
  10. Breathe.
  11. Wait—what’s that breeze?

Congratulations Tess and Nick!


Image Credit: Tradition Fiddler On The Roof

Written by kirkistan

June 22, 2012 at 5:00 am

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