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Obama & Romney Do Lunch

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Of gods and men

Obama: “Coffee or tea—oh. Well. Never mind.”

Romney: “Water, please.”

Obama:  “Milk?”

Romney: “Just…water. Please. Milk’s a bit too…celebratory.”

Obama: “So….”

Romney: “Yes….”

[7.7 seconds of silence]

Obama: “That 47% comment?”

Romney: “True then. True now.”

Obama: “Gifts to minorities? Really?”

Romney: “How else to account for….”

[9.3 seconds of silence]

Romney: “I could have been a god.”

Obama: “Whoa—sort of a high view of presidential power, wouldn’t you say?”

Romney: “No. Literally.”

Obama: “Oh.”

[12.6 seconds of silence]

Obama: “Vegetable medley? It’s locally-sourced.”

Romney: “Please!”


Image credit: OBI Scrapbook Blog

Written by kirkistan

November 29, 2012 at 11:07 am

Posted in curiosities

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