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Dummy’s Guide to Conversation #14: Please Say More

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How To Be A Verbal Philanthropist

tumblr_mf2pvy4DDf1qbcporo1_1280-01092013I always like it in the classroom when the professor says to the student, “Please say more about….” It is a sign of active listening, a phrase which pulls the reluctant student further into the conversation.

“Please say more” is irresistible in its eagerness to hear more of a person’s thinking or reaction or opinion. It is also a demonstration that people and their thoughts and ideas are important. And it is a crazy generous way to engage in conversation. Generous because by nature we rush to fill the space between someone else’s words with our own thoughts.

When someone says to me “Please say more” I feel honored and free and engaged—almost like having been given a gift.

Being a verbal philanthropist doesn’t cost much—just your attention.


Image credit: Neil Swaab via 2headedsnake

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