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Even My Agnostic Friend Says: Pray Your Day

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Multiple Causation Skeins

tumblr_mh1ndnkACk1r13l3bo1_500-01232013A thinker I respect—someone who continues to pop out a learned book for her tribe of university professors every year or two—told me one of her habits for writing. As she gets down to the task each day, she records a “wish” in her journal.

“Call it a wish,” she said. “Call it a prayer. But it’s a focus. It is a thing I ask.”

This thoughtful friend comes from a Christian tradition but doesn’t abide the wonder these days. I’m hacking her advice to note this practice: I find myself asking—no, make that recording specific questions, specific prayers, at specific times as I start various projects through any given day. My ask/prayer is for all kinds of stuff that is on my plate for the day, from paragraphs of copy to working out a tangled manuscript to organizing my client’s technology tell.

My friend practiced her “ask” because of the focus it presented. The focus helped her move forward. That is what I want to do as well. And more: I still suspect there is wonder tied up in the minute by minute actions of any given day. I still think our meaning-making is composed of “multiple causation skeins,” to quote Mark Noll. So my ask is directed and hopeful and often historic (yesterday’s ask text) and tries to make room for much bigger things that could be at play through my tiny actions.


Image credit: Built of books by Frank Halmans via 2headedsnake

Written by kirkistan

January 23, 2013 at 9:38 am

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