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When Words Fail, Just Show Up

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Nine minute film from Eric Gross: The Fortune Writer06192013-tumblr_molmpnPVR21qz6f9yo2_1280

Sometimes our words fit perfectly. Sometimes there are no words for our situation or for our desire. That’s when we fall back to just being present—just showing up. The words come eventually. Or they don’t. But being present with each other: that is the rock-bottom beginning point for everything.

We’re thinking a lot about what it means to show up with each other. This infographic making its way around the web points us toward the non-verbals we already heed. And this clip of Russell Brand making fun of the talking heads at Morning Joe for referring to him in the third person is worth watching.

But this short film by Eric Gross offers a meditation on when words need presence to do the real work.

Where do you need to show up today? And with whom?


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Written by kirkistan

June 19, 2013 at 9:05 am

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