conversation is an engine

A lot can happen in a conversation

“Do You Know Bob? You Should Meet Bob.”

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Listen when your friend says this.03282014-tumblr_n2mx8ozAml1qe0lqqo1_500

After your friend hears what you have to say and then responds with,

Hey—have you ever asked Judy about that? Because Judy talks constantly about that very thing.


And then go meet Judy. Or Bob.

Because a friend’s recommendation—after seeing a similarity or spark of sameness—can be telling. The connection your friend saw to make the recommendation implies you have something in common with this other person. Some way of thinking that will form a third-rail for communication.

And that is worth following up on.

I think Keith introduced me to Steve—likely through some offhand comment. Steve is a C-suite communication guy who also teaches and we talk about communication strategy, corporate life versus freelance life, life in agencies and the demands of teaching. I’ve had coffee with Steve a couple times and I honestly don’t think I could find more wisdom and excellent advice and weathered perspectives if I paid Seth Godin’s consulting fee for an hour of talk.

We have no clue what might happen with a connection. No idea where a conversation will go.

This remains amazing to me.

Image credit: Garry Winogrand via MPD

Written by kirkistan

March 28, 2014 at 10:01 am

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  1. like it!– it’s true, so often we don’t follow up on the suggestions of our friends, and then miss out on connections that could be possibly awesome!


    March 29, 2014 at 2:08 pm

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