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The Silence of the Protocols (Miss Manners)

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“He then falls silent.”

I have an ongoing disagreement with my husband regarding telephone etiquette.


Yes? Please continue.


When he calls me, I pick up the phone and say “Hello” and he responds with “Hi.”

He then falls silent, expecting me to respond to his “Hi” with a “Hi” of my own.

I feel that, since he called me, and I have greeted him, it is not necessary to then respond to his greeting, as it would be redundant. So I just wait for him to tell me what he called about.

This irks him no end….


–Miss Manners, via The StarTribune, 13 May 2014

Image Credit: Photo–Kirk Livingston. Albert Birkle: Telegraph Operator, via the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Written by kirkistan

May 16, 2014 at 8:58 am

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