conversation is an engine

A lot can happen in a conversation

Today I’m Listening

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What can you hear between the lines—and where will it take you?

I’ll start by listening to a set of phone conversations my medical device client fields constantly. I want to hear the questions. I want to hear the responses. But I especially want to hear the tone of the questions. I’m listening for urgency and for actual language used. I’ll write down the words and note the flow and capture quotes. These notes and my listening will guide the communication that takes place next.

Listening goes somewhere.

Listening goes places.

I’ll spend the balance of the day listening between the lines for another client. But this time I’ll be listening to the text I am creating for them. And I’ll listen to the process they use to serve their customers. Listening and revising and re-jiggering and re-listening.

Listening is required to know where to go next

What—or who—are you listening to today?


Image credit: Kirk Livingston

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