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Zumba: Create Your Own [Alternative Dance] World

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Learning from “Let it move you”

Advertising’s great advantage is making images that dismiss the real baggage real people carry into the real world. And that’s why we buy the product: we want to be that person so in the zone we don’t realize we’ve been dancing on the conference table in the middle of a budget meeting.


[Click to play at Creativity]

Advertising is always about the optimism of product as hero, product that changes life. This spot from 180LA puts “real people baggage” front and center and still manages to connect with irresistible optimism. Their casting choices are perfect.

But is “dismissing real baggage real people carry into the real world” really so far-fetched? I’m starting to think not. We’re all marching toward some image of life that we’ve created or someone has created for us.

What are you marching toward?

What could you be dancing toward?


Via Creativity

Written by kirkistan

September 18, 2014 at 9:52 am

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