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But Vote (Out of Spite If You Must)

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Just say No to Bilious Lies

It’s hard not be cynical around election season. The little bits of television I’ve watched have been be interrupted by the usual bilious lies presented by deep-pocketed political action committees. I’m guessing 99% of the nation exercises the mute button when one of the toxic deception-events plays.

But there are all still all sorts of reasons you should vote. It is our duty as citizens (of course, we hear that all the time), and a very minimal duty at that. It doesn’t take that long. And even if you are disillusioned, try to find a reason to go to the polls.

Shine today.

Shine today.

Two reasons motivate my voting today.

  1. I’m sick of the lies and twists and obstructionism the Republican Party puts forth again and again. Wait—don’t leave yet: my Republican friends (of which there are many) are entirely justified in leveling the same charges against the Democrats. It seems today all political persuasion amounts to one-sided arguments that even a child should question and reject.
  2. Democracy will continue even if you don’t vote. That’s because our corporations and institutions have a vested interested in making our democracy work—especially to make it work in their favor. One reason I want to vote—which is also a reason I’m becoming increasingly curious about the gears that turn our form of democracy—is to begin to lay bare how corporate interests have trumped the will of the people again and again. It’s simply not true that what is good for GM/Medtronic/UnitedHealth Group/Super Value is good for the rest of us—at least not without a few close questions. Those interests compete with the citizenry at times and they spare no expense to win their argument.

So vote.

If you cannot vote for something you believe in, vote against something you despise.

This system is an imperfect mess, but at least it is a mess that allows you to voice your (limited) option. Don’t sit out this opportunity to make your voice heard.


Image credit: Kirk Livingston

Written by kirkistan

November 4, 2014 at 9:33 am

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