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Fresh Water Fetish (#NaNoWriMo Winner)

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So. That’s what all that writing was about.

Fresh Water Fetish Synopsis

WaterCo, an ethically-challenged international water broker based in Duluth, Minnesota, anticipates the coming fresh-water wars. Water will soon be more valuable than oil. Pericles Paladin, the immigrant founder of WaterCo, has invented an app to track all fresh-water movement and ownership. WaterCo lawyers have been quietly purchasing land rights for fresh-water aquifers worldwide, with the intent of charging nations, governments and individuals for volumes of water used–no matter how small. The seeming suicide of a copywriter in Minneapolis unearths the evidence that topples the large-scale nefarious scheme.



Written by kirkistan

November 30, 2014 at 5:37 pm

3 Responses

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  1. […] about the intentional action—committed in public—that has a way of squeezing us forward. NaNoWriMo used that force, our more successful diets use that force, weddings are a celebration of the force […]

  2. […] with our dissatisfactions is not that bad an idea. Last year I tried to write a novel in a month (National Novel Writing Month) and I tried to make a sketch a day. Both attempts were wildly unsuccessful. But as experiments […]

  3. […] is National Novel Writing Month. Last year I wrote the 50,000 word Fresh Water Fetish. This year’s 50,000 words are dedicated to story and explication around what it means to live […]

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