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Secretary of State Kerry: Please Send Dennis Rodman to North Korea to Sing This Song

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It’s too late, baby, now it’s too late.

I doubt any of the Kim Jong’s have ever been “light and breezy,” though Un may be so with Mr. Rodman. But certainly they have just stopped trying.

Is it time to call North Korea’s bluff?


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North Korea again teeters on the brink after their rhetorical run-up to firing nuclear missiles. Now they’ve produced their usual game of extortion by demanding an end to sanctions and end to joint military exercises. But is it time to break out of their threat and demand cycle? Since we are spending millions to show we mean business with our military assets in the area. Is it time to keep the sanctions and the joint military exercises and force dialogue?

Of course, the inbred regime may actually believe the rhetoric they spout—that is the danger. Un may well be unhinged enough to push the button—no one really knows.

On the other hand, is there a way to keep pressure while allowing them a face-saving out. Some way to move toward dialogue while not giving in?


Written by kirkistan

April 18, 2013 at 8:21 am

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