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Open Your Pie Hole: #1 in the Dummy’s Guide to Conversation

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Talking can feel like a leap.

Do you remember the conversations that changed your life?

Decades ago a guy gave a talk at our church. This guy had made a career change from working as a medical device executive to becoming a leader in the denomination. In a quick conversation after his speech, I mentioned my interest in the medical device industry. He gave me a name to call. I called the guy that week and caught him at a generous moment—despite being an executive himself he spent 30 minutes telling me what he loved about the industry, the company and how helping people provided meaning for his workday. Then he gave me Dave’s name, said I should call Dave and drop his name.

I did that.

Dave turned out to be the best boss on the planet.

The conversation followed by the conversation followed by the conversation turned into decades of writing for the medical device industry, starting with Medtronic. The point of the story is that conversations can take us places we might have wanted to go to but had no idea how do get there. Of course, conversations don’t always work like that, but it happens more often than we might realize. In fact, I think simple conversations change our life every single day. That’s my premise as I write “Listentalk: How simple conversations change your life every day.”

Those conversations start with the courage to share what is going on inside—sometimes deep inside. Using words. Out loud.

Can you remember a life-changing conversation? Tell me.


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