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My Heart Has Broken. There is No Mending.

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WPRMug-2-03022013This mug…this mug….

Predates all our kids. A quantity of coffee just under infinity has poured into and out of it. Oh the things this mug had seen. And heard. Handled by decades of friends and family. This mug cast a long shadow.

Rockdale Union Stoneware, Cambridge, Wis, 1985. Who knew an incentive gift could have such staying power?

And now—an unthinking flick of the wrist in the midst of hurried coffee preparations. A tumble to the floor.
And this.

I’ll be OK. I can move on. Thanks for asking.



A generous reader has offered this heart-felt memorial:


I thank you, from this time of need and reflection.

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March 2, 2013 at 2:31 pm

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