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Mark Hartman: When a photographer asks questions

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Photography answers look different than, say, a writer’s answers


I’ve long thought the answers we get depend on the questions we ask. But those answers also depend on the tools we use to unearth the answers. Writing is my primary tool. I reach for a sentence or two as I approach any question. It’s why I’m rarely without a pen/paper/smartphone/computer in any life situation. It’s just how I process life.

Some people carry pen and paper everywhere they go.

Some people carry a Hassleblad camera where ever they go.08152013-500C_C_claret1

Like Mark Hartman who spent a month in an isolated, northern region of Iceland. He wanted to explore “how we as humans occupy, exist and relate to our earth and environments.” He also wondered about the “echoes of human presence [that] linger long after we leave it.”

Mr. Hartman’s answers are bright, clear and full of wonder.

See for yourself.



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Written by kirkistan

August 15, 2013 at 5:00 am

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