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Orange Mighty Trio, Jesus Kitchen & Other Public Devotees

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What nourishes you?

exceeding cold Minnesota winter

Last weekend Mrs. Kirkistan and I were on our way to hear the Orange Mighty Trio at the Cedar (hoo boy were they good: listen to this sample). The folks of Jesus Kitchen offered us soup and cookies as we walked past their sidewalk encampment. The Jesus Kitchen looks to be a few college kids with the goal of reaching out to a populace that might find itself, well, drunk. Or homeless. Or just hungry. It’s a bold, cold, and uncomfortable mission (and part of something much larger).

I’ve seen them out late on exceeding-cold Minnesota winter nights. I applaud their very practical goals. Yes there are other more strategic ways to meet needs, but the statement they make by standing and beckoning others is warming. Their presence on that well-walked street—especially in the name of Jesus the Christ—is itself a mute and practical communication event.

The Cedar was a warm place with an enthusiastic crowd for the Orange Mighty Trio. And rightly so: their virtuoso performances spoke of all sorts of stuff that fits into words only lamely. Mrs. Kirkistan and I both commented on the productive thoughts we had during the concert. Listen to their “The Long Zoom” and pay attention to what comes to mind.

Both the Jesus Kitchen and the Orange Mighty Trio put the ineffable into action, if not exactly words. Both efforts have the capacity to nourish passers-by.

Which public does your devotion feed?


Image credit: The SalvageYard

Written by kirkistan

November 1, 2012 at 9:17 am

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